Each mission is unique, as is every client and every case. At the same time, the solution to every legal question is derived from the same source – knowledge. It is with experience you reach your goals. Knowledge is security, knowledge is everything. INTER offers broad legal experience across a number of different areas. The common denominator for solving any dispute is called competency. Insight provides the key for deciding ”between” right and wrong, ”between” people and ”between” companies. We call it winning knowledge. 


Our clients are given the most important asset that we possess: our collected brain power. Something INTER has in abundance. At INTER you will take gain access to more than one hundred years of experience. Our knowledge is your knowledge – from the standard contract all the way to the difficult case in the court room. And even if we specialise, we do live up to our name, INTER. We work across borders and boundaries, between our specialist areas. To call ourselves INTER, we must cooperate. You receive more than a legal representative; you get a dedicated team. Our collective powers are at your disposal.


Managing Partner

Verksam inom: Disputes and litigation, construction and property law

Utbildning: LL.M, 1983

Språk: Swedish, English

Yrkeserfarenheter: Advokatfirman Tino Goetze 1984-1997, Ullman & Bergström Advokatbyrå 1997-2000, Advokatfirman INTER 2000-

Telefon: +46 (0)70 591 10 54

Född: 1956

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Which are your specialist areas?
”Court processes and construction law. For several decades, I have successfully represented private individuals and companies of different sizes in a variety of litigation processes”

Wherein lies the success?
"I am passionate about my work and highly engaged. As an old football player I also have the drive to make a difference – and to win”

What are you particularly proud of?
”As the managing partner, I am proud to have been part of forming a team of key members which are proven individually within their specialist fields, while at the same time being a genuinely tight team that enjoy their work. This is how we create results for our clients.”



Verksam inom: Commercial law, disputes and litigation, construction and property law, brands and licensing, distribution rights, employment law

Utbildning: LL.M, 1989

Språk: Swedish, English and Norwegian

Yrkeserfarenheter: General Counsel, Affärsjurist Gruppen 1990-1997, Ullman & Bergström Advokatbyrå 1997-2000, Advokatfirman INTER 2000-

Telefon: +46 (0)70 714 71 96

Född: 1960

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Which are your specialist areas?
”Commercial contracts and commercial litigation.”

If you were to mention some unique experiences?
”I possess a solid background of drawing up contracts, having structured a number of different types of agreements during the last 25 years. I also have in-depth experience of acting in commercial processes whether through litigation or arbitration. The combination of drawing up contracts as well as litigating has equipped me with an excellent understanding of how contracts should be structured to be correctly interpreted in the court room.”

Which type of clients have you had through the years?
"I mainly advise and represent companies that deliver products or services but I am also frequently retained by industry associations and other parts of the business world."



Verksam inom: Family law, disputes and litigation

Utbildning: LL.M, 1991

Språk: Swedish, English

Yrkeserfarenheter: Advokatfirman Tino Goetze 1993-2002, Advokatfirman INTER 2002-

Telefon: +46 (0)8 796 90 70

Född: 1967

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In which area do you specialise?
”Family law”.

Who are your main clients?
”Private individuals – in separations and divorces which are amicable, as well as in more acrimonious cases which end up in court. Frequent sources of disputes between parents are custody and visiting rights.During the years, I have also worked closely with a number of shelters for women and acted as counsel for the injured party. This work, and several years of experience of working with divorce cases, has given me vast experience of meeting people in distressed situations and to be able to provide advice, support and all other aid that they may need.”

Do you have any other experience within the area of family law?
“Yes, I also have longstanding experience from the financial side of family law, assisting at divorce settlements, drawing up estate inventories, assisting at the distribution of estates and from drafting legal documentation concerning couples/partners, such as prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, deeds of gift or wills. “

How do you get your clients?
”As I have been active within the area during a long period, a large share of my clients come through recommendation. INTER also cooperate closely with several of Sweden’s leading banks in the area of family law.”



Verksam inom: Music and entertainment law, commercial law, commercial contracts, disputes and litigation

Utbildning: Universität Münster 1995 (German), Lunds Universitet 1996 (German, English), Universität Wien 2000 (law), LL.M, 2002

Språk: Swedish, German and English

Yrkeserfarenheter: Thiery & Ortenburger Rechtsanwälte, Wien 2002, Företagsjuristerna 2000-2001, 2003-2005, Juristfirman Axner & Larsson AB, 2005-2010, Advokatfirman INTER 2010-

Telefon: +46 (0)708 850 270

Född: 1969

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Which are your specialist areas?
“Music and entertainment law as well as copyrights. I am one of a few solicitors in Sweden specialising in those areas. The main part of my work consists of drafting and negotiating different types of agreements and to assist in corporate matters and on taxation. I also represent clients in litigation.As is commonly known, Sweden is one of the world’s largest exporters of music which makes it necessary for me, as legal counsel, to always be on top of the game and offer solid knowledge. As this type of work often is at an international level, it also requires excellent language skills and international experience. I have, in various forms, been associated with the music industry since the 80-ties and speak fluent German and English.”

Which type of client is looking for your expertise?
”Mainly artists, song writers and music producers, but also record companies, music publishers, festivals and concert promoters. From time to time, I also assist authorities, advertising agencies and multinational corporations in music matters, for example when using music in a commercial."



Verksam inom: Disputes and litigation, construction law

Utbildning: LL.M, 1990

Språk: Swedish, English

Yrkeserfarenheter: Sollentuna District Court – Law clerk, Svea Court of Appeal –Legal clerk, Advokatfirman Thoren & Co – Solicitor, Advokatfirman INTER – Solicitor, Attunda Circuit Court – Judge, Advokatfirman INTER – Partner

Telefon: +46 (0)70 722 42 47

Född: 1962

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Which are your specialist areas?
“Litigation and dispute resolution”

Could you tell us about your unique experience in procedural code?
”As I have worked for several years both as judge and as lawyer, I have gained a particularly clear insight into what it takes to run a successful legal process, which means that our clients always receive well founded advice on how to successfully handle their unique case in order to achieve the best possible outcome. My unique competency in procedural code has also been very useful when teaching at the Academy of Swedish Judges or when lecturing at other law firms.”

When and where do you represent clients?
“In court as well as at arbitration tribunals. I am also retained as intermediator and arbitrator.”


Advokat, LL.M, Partner

Verksam inom: Family Law, Civil disputes and litigation

Utbildning: Jur kand, LL.M, 2013, Umeå University. Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge 2012. Fulbright Institute for Outstanding European Students, Boston 2010

Språk: Swedish and English

Yrkeserfarenheter: : UN General Assembly New York, Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Utrikesdepartementet) Stockholm, The Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket), Lagerlöfs advokatbyrå, Advokatfirman Anita Carlsson – AAC, Advokatfirman INTER Positions of trust: Board member of the Swedish Bar Association in Stockholm (Advokatsamfundet) (ongoing), Swedish Governments Youth Policy Council, (Regeringens ungdomspolitiska råd) (2013-2016), Riksorganisationen Fritidsforum (2008-2016).

Telefon: +46 8 796 90 70

Född: 1986

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Which areas of law do you practice?
”Family Law and litigations.”

What kind of lawsuits do you help your clients with?
”Being specialised in Family Law, the Rights of the Child (barnrätt) and Social Law, I represent my clients in Custody disputes as well as disputes about the child’s residency and access right. I also assist in matters regarding property division, child support and economical disputes due to separation or divorce. Furthermore I represent children and adults in cases of compulsory care, thus matters regarding LVU, LVM and LPT. As counsel for an injured party and public defence counsel I have gained an overall picture of how to defend my clients’ interests in the best of ways.”

What else do you do in your work?
”I regularly hold lectures in Family Law. In addition to assisting in already arisen disputes I also help clients with preventive legal matters. Such matters can for instance be to create prenuptial agreements, cohabitant agreements (samboavtal), wills, deeds of gift and property division agreements during marriage. To be a lawyer is not only about winning disputes but also to prevent them from occurring.”


Advokat, delägare

Verksam inom: Tvistemål och processer, offentlig upphandling, avtalsrätt, kommersiell hyresrätt, arbetsrätt

Utbildning: Jur kand, LL.M, 2005

Språk: Svenska och engelska

Yrkeserfarenheter: Länsrätten i Örebro – notarie, Kriström Advokatbyrå - bitr jurist, Kammarrätten i Stockholm – föredragande, ICA-handlarnas förbund – bolagsjurist, Advokatfirman INTER - bitr jurist/advokat, Bemannia AB - bolagsjurist, Advokatbyrå Pontus Meilink - advokat, Advokatfirman INTER – advokat och delägare

Telefon: +46 (0)70 788 01 27

Född: 1970

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Vilka är dina specialistkunskaper?
”Tvistemål och processer samt offentlig upphandling.”

Du nämnde offentlig upphandling, berätta.
”Under mina år i domstol arbetade jag en hel del med ärenden angående offentlig upphandling. Offentlig upphandling har därefter varit en stor del av mina arbetsuppgifter, främst vid mitt arbete som bolagsjurist. Jag hjälper bolag med deras anbudsarbete, analys av förfrågningsmaterial samt med överprövningsärenden.”

Vad bistår du dina klienter med i övrigt?
”Jag eftersträvar att ge advokatbyråns klienter hjälp med de flesta frågor som kan uppkomma för ett medelstort företag. Det kan t.ex. vara arbetsrätt, förhandla och upprätta avtal med kunder, samarbetspartners och leverantörer. Bolagsrättsliga frågor och tvistelösning är ärenden som klienterna också får hjälp med. Genom att Advokatfirman INTER har breda gedigna kunskaper och erfarenheter så vet jag att våra klienter alltid kommer att erhålla högkvalitativ juridisk rådgivning”



Verksam inom: Musik- och nöjesekonomi

Utbildning: IHTTI 2009

Språk: Svenska, engelska, franska, tyska och marockanska

Yrkeserfarenheter: EF Education First – Schweiz, Van Doorn GmbH – Schweiz, Advokatfirman INTER

Telefon: +46 (0)8 796 90 70

Född: 1984

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Civilekonom, Business Manager

Verksam inom: Musik- och nöjesekonomi

Utbildning: Civilekonomprogrammet, Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics, Handelshögskolan, Umeå Universitet 2019

Språk: Svenska och engelska

Yrkeserfarenheter: Advokatfirman INTER 2019-

Telefon: +46 (0)735 00 26 91

Född: 1990

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Legal Secretary

Verksam inom: Administration


Språk: Swedish, English and German


Telefon: +46 (0)8 796 90 70

Född: 1966

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Which is your role at INTER?
"I am the one that connects the dots and make sure there are no loose ends. I am often the communication link between the solicitors and the clients. And, of course, INTER means between."

Have you any previous experience from the legal world?
"Yes, in my first position as judicial secretary at a circuit court. That is where my longing for working with people in the ”real world” was reinforced. That experience provided me with a good first view of the legal world which, of course, has special circumstances."

What do you like the most about your work?
"I love the tempo and the changeable and varied tasks at a law firm. What we experience here is, once again alluding to the firm’s name, INTER-action between us and the clients, as well as courts, interpreters and other public institutions. One day is never the same as the next."

Have you done any work related training during your time at INTER?
"Yes, I have broadened my knowledge in the financial area through a course at FEI which has given me a more complete overview in my role as administrator."


INTER always looks for new skilled collaborators. In order to work at INTER you must have profound legal knowledge. Experience from law firms, court or other legal careers is highly meritorious.


Our name is our mission. The essence of law is to solve disputes between parties, to guide between right and wrong, between black and white. This is why we call ourselves INTER from the Latin preposition that means just that, ”between”. Inter will provide you with the correct advice, at the right time, in order for you to reach your goal. We offer leading edge knowledge within a number of areas but with one thing in common – profound competence.


INTER provides insight. At INTER, interaction with the outside world is a given. We read, attend seminars, comment on and analyze both broad terms and specifics, with a helicopter view as well as the penetrative eye of an expert. Here you will not only find news about INTER, but also comments on current legal affairs. This is our way of serving you as a client with topical news as well as spreading knowledge to our colleagues. As you know, we do believe in interaction between people and institutions. After all, our name is INTER.


Business Management

Managing partner

Lars Göran Bergström
tel. +46 (0)8 796 90 70
mob. +46 (0)70 591 10 54

Chairman of the Board

Andreas Hagen
tel. +46 (0)8 796 90 70
mob. +46 (0)70 714 71 96


Carita Bylund
tel. +46 (0)8 796 90 70

Bank details

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Payment to fee account
Bankgiro: 5189-4913

Payment to client account
Bankgiro: 5188-8105

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Bank adress
Leksands Sparbank
Box 77
S-793 22 LEKSAND

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8187-7 04187 201-1

Business address

Advokatfirman INTER
Visiting address: Saltmätargatan 5, Stockholm, Sweden
P.O. Box 87, S-101 21 Stockholm, Sweden
tel. +46 (0)8 796 90 70 | fax. +46 (0)8 796 85 50 | email.