The most private requires trust. Knowledge makes the difference. INTER.

Practice Areas

Each mission is unique, as is every client and every case. At the same time, the solution to every legal question is derived from the same source – knowledge. It is with experience you reach your goals. Knowledge is security, knowledge is everything. INTER offers broad legal experience across a number of different areas. The common denominator for solving any dispute is called competency. Insight provides the key for deciding ”between” right and wrong, ”between” people and ”between” companies. We call it winning knowledge.

Our Team

Our clients are given the most important asset that we possess: our collected brain power. Something INTER has in abundance. At INTER you will take gain access to more than one hundred years of experience. Our knowledge is your knowledge – from the standard contract all the way to the difficult case in the court room. And even if we specialise, we do live up to our name, INTER. We work across borders and boundaries, between our specialist areas. To call ourselves INTER, we must cooperate. You receive more than a legal representative; you get a dedicated team. Our collective powers are at your disposal.


INTER always looks for new skilled collaborators. In order to work at INTER you must have profound legal knowledge. Experience from law firms, court or other legal careers is highly meritorious.

About us

Our name is our mission. The essence of law is to solve disputes between parties, to guide between right and wrong, between black and white. This is why we call ourselves INTER from the Latin preposition that means just that, ”between”. Inter will provide you with the correct advice, at the right time, in order for you to reach your goal. We offer leading edge knowledge within a number of areas but with one thing in common – profound competence.


INTER provides insight. At INTER, interaction with the outside world is a given. We read, attend seminars, comment on and analyze both broad terms and specifics, with a helicopter view as well as the penetrative eye of an expert. Here you will not only find news about INTER, but also comments on current legal affairs. This is our way of serving you as a client with topical news as well as spreading knowledge to our colleagues. As you know, we do believe in interaction between people and institutions. After all, our name is INTER.

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