Michael Berg

    Michael Berg

    Michael Berg


    Practice Areas: Disputes and litigation, construction law
    Education: LL.M, 1990
    Languages: Swedish, English
    Experience: Sollentuna tingsrätt – notarie, Svea hovrätt – fiskal, Advokatfirman Thoren & Co – advokat, Advokatfirman INTER – advokat, Attunda tingsrätt – rådman, Advokatfirman INTER – lawyer and partner
    Phone: +46 (0)70 722 42 47
    E-mail: michael.berg@inter.se
    Born: 1962

    Which are your specialist areas?

    “Litigation and dispute resolution”

    Could you tell us about your unique experience in procedural code?

    ”As I have worked for several years both as judge and as lawyer, I have gained a particularly clear insight into what it takes to run a successful legal process, which means that our clients always receive well founded advice on how to successfully handle their unique case in order to achieve the best possible outcome. My unique competency in procedural code has also been very useful when teaching at the Academy of Swedish Judges or when lecturing at other law firms.”

    When and where do you represent clients?

    “In court as well as at arbitration tribunals. I am also retained as intermediator and arbitrator.”

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