INTER provides insight. At INTER, interaction with the outside world is a given. We read, attend seminars, comment on and analyze both broad terms and specifics, with a helicopter view as well as the penetrative eye of an expert. Here you will not only find news about INTER, but also comments on current legal affairs. This is our way of serving you as a client with topical news as well as spreading knowledge to our colleagues. As you know, we do believe in interaction between people and institutions. After all, our name is INTER.

Custody disputes – How to apply for sole custody in Sweden (vårdnadstvist)

2019.08.23 av Johan Lindgren

Applying for sole custody is often a hard decision to make. Therefore, it is advised to seek qualified legal counsel from an attorney or lawyer specialised in family law. At Advokatfirman INTER we help people with custody cases on a daily basis in Stockholm and throughout Sweden. Are you in need of a specialist in Läs mer…

Profound competence

2016.02.26 av Andreas Hagen

We offer leading edge knowledge within a number of areas but with one thing in common – profound competence.

List-topping competency

2015.07.13 av Andreas Hagen

Few law offices can offer list-topping competency within music and entertainment. INTER has solid knowledge within an industry that has become one of Sweden’s most talked about export areas. Among our clients you will find artists, song writers and producers, as well as record companies, music publishers, film production companies, management companies and booking agencies. Läs mer…

Do you aspire to personal growth?

2015.06.16 av Andreas Hagen

Our focus on leading edge knowledge is appreciated which means that INTER is growing and as a result we are looking for more exceptional colleagues. Experience from law firms or courts are valued. To INTERact with us at INTER, social skills are considered of utmost importance. After all, this is how we solve disputes for Läs mer…

Our name is our mission

2015.06.16 av Andreas Hagen

The essence of law is to solve disputes between parties, to guide between right and wrong, between black and white. This is why we call ourselves INTER from the Latin preposition that means just that, ”between”. Inter will provide you with the correct advice, at the right time, in order for you to reach your Läs mer…

A close INTER-operation between the law firm and the client

2015.06.14 av Andreas Hagen

TODAY’S BUSINESS WORLD is dynamic. Due to this, great demands are laid upon the legal advice. Consequently INTERS aim is always to be at the top when it comes to legal services. INTERS co-workers are divided into special competence groups and regularly participate in continuous professional education. A MODERN LAW firm can however not solely Läs mer…

Substantial knowledge

2015.06.13 av Andreas Hagen

Through many years of experience INTERS lawyers have accumulated substantial knowledge. Thanks to our True Partnership, all our overall knowledge is available to each and every client. Our working methods have laid the basis of many and long-lived client-lawyer-relationships.  

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