Verksam inom: Commercial law, disputes and litigation, construction and property law, brands and licensing, distribution rights, employment law

Utbildning: LL.M, 1989

Språk: Swedish, English and Norwegian

Yrkeserfarenheter: General Counsel, Affärsjurist Gruppen 1990-1997, Ullman & Bergström Advokatbyrå 1997-2000, Advokatfirman INTER 2000-

Telefon: +46 (0)70 714 71 96

Född: 1960

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Which are your specialist areas?
”Commercial contracts and commercial litigation.”

If you were to mention some unique experiences?
”I possess a solid background of drawing up contracts, having structured a number of different types of agreements during the last 25 years. I also have in-depth experience of acting in commercial processes whether through litigation or arbitration. The combination of drawing up contracts as well as litigating has equipped me with an excellent understanding of how contracts should be structured to be correctly interpreted in the court room.”

Which type of clients have you had through the years?
"I mainly advise and represent companies that deliver products or services but I am also frequently retained by industry associations and other parts of the business world."