Krister Axner

    Krister Axner

    Krister Axner


    Practice Areas: Music and entertainment law, commercial law, commercial contracts, disputes and litigation
    Education: Universität Münster 1995 (tyska), Lunds Universitet 1996 (tyska, engelska), Universität Wien 2000 (juridik), Jur kand, LL.M, 2002
    Language: Swedish, German and English
    Experience: Thiery & Ortenburger Rechtsanwälte, Wien 2002, Företagsjuristerna 2000-2001, 2003-2005, Juristfirman Axner & Larsson AB, 2005-2010, Advokatfirman INTER 2010-
    Phone: +46 (0)708 850 270
    Born: 1969

    Which are your specialist areas?

    “Music and entertainment law as well as copyrights. I am one of a few solicitors in Sweden specialising in those areas. The main part of my work consists of drafting and negotiating different types of agreements and to assist in corporate matters and on taxation. I also represent clients in litigation.As is commonly known, Sweden is one of the world’s largest exporters of music which makes it necessary for me, as legal counsel, to always be on top of the game and offer solid knowledge. As this type of work often is at an international level, it also requires excellent language skills and international experience. I have, in various forms, been associated with the music industry since the 80-ties and speak fluent German and English.”

    Which type of client is looking for your expertise?

    ”Mainly artists, song writers and music producers, but also record companies, music publishers, festivals and concert promoters. From time to time, I also assist authorities, advertising agencies and multinational corporations in music matters, for example when using music in a commercial.”

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