Johan Lindgren

    Johan Lindgren

    Johan Lindgren

    Lawyer, LL.M, Partner

    Practice Areas: Family Law, Civil disputes and litigation
    Education: Jur kand, LL.M, 2013, Umeå University. Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge 2012. Fulbright Institute for Outstanding European Students, Boston 2010
    Languages: Swedish and English
    Experience: UN General Assembly New York, Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Utrikesdepartementet) Stockholm, The Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket), Lagerlöfs advokatbyrå, Advokatfirman Anita Carlsson – AAC, Advokatfirman INTER Positions of trust: Board member of the Swedish Bar Association in Stockholm (Advokatsamfundet) (ongoing), Swedish Governments Youth Policy Council, (Regeringens ungdomspolitiska råd) (2013-2016), Riksorganisationen Fritidsforum (2008-2016).
    Phone: +46 (0)8 796 90 70
    Born: 1986

    Which areas of law do you practice?

    ”Family Law and litigations.”

    What kind of lawsuits do you help your clients with?

    ”Being specialised in Family Law, the Rights of the Child (barnrätt) and Social Law, I represent my clients in Custody disputes as well as disputes about the child’s residency and access right. I also assist in matters regarding property division, child support and economical disputes due to separation or divorce. Furthermore I represent children and adults in cases of compulsory care, thus matters regarding LVU, LVM and LPT. As counsel for an injured party and public defence counsel I have gained an overall picture of how to defend my clients’ interests in the best of ways.”

    What else do you do in your work?

    ”I regularly hold lectures in Family Law. In addition to assisting in already arisen disputes I also help clients with preventive legal matters. Such matters can for instance be to create prenuptial agreements, cohabitant agreements (samboavtal), wills, deeds of gift and property division agreements during marriage. To be a lawyer is not only about winning disputes but also to prevent them from occurring.”

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